A little about me

Born in Alliste, (LE) in the year ’74, he graduated in 1992 at the culinary school of SANTA CESAREA TERME, BUT ALREADY BEGAN his experience in the restaurant a few years before, with the family where he helped in the kitchen, going on then. Against his will, in the pizzeria, because being a graduate chef, he loved that area and I miss the pizzas.
In ’94, the family pizzeria worked a lot and served someone who could follow the rhythm of his brother, and who if not him. They were very happy with the customers with Massimiliano, meanwhile, he had taken the pizza more as a game than as a job, and they encouraged him to give more and more. In fact, from that moment will be born the idea of ​​making a mix between pizza and free style, and here will start your fantastic career without even imagining it.
In the following 14 years, Massimiliano is made between trips, races, challenges and, above all, updates of various masses, flours, types of yeast that will make your pizza truly unique.

In addition to always giving the maximum, begins a course called “Sensory”, or the taste of a pizza that can understand the type of yeast, maturation, fermentation and digestibility of the masses, this has also allowed him to judge several competitions in the world .
In 2005 he opened his restaurant in Salento, in Gallipoli, where after 7 years he will open the second largest location, with a very special garden.
He participates in several Italian television competition programs, where he often takes home the first prize, and in all these years he has made a good collection between gold medals and cups.
In 2015, he has a work experience of approximately 6 months in the land of kangaroos, returns to Italy and presents another opportunity, this time in the US. UU., In Miami, and between several queries, applies for the notorious O1, dedicated to the category of people with special abilities. Then studying several business plans, in the different cities of Florida, here I am in Miami. Beach to continue the adventure…

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