A little about me

Of Sicilian origin, precisely from the land of the volcano, Etna, our chef Giovanni Orifici was born and grows in a small town called Paternò. In 1999 he started his young career in a small hotel with the task of cooking meals, where meanwhile he went to the chef school, after 4 years he decided to leave the village and go to the most beautiful tourist city, Taormina, where culinary category, and where he is increasingly excited to learn from Michelin-starred chefs. After almost two years, he meets a Brazilian restaurant owner, who proposes to start a new kitchen in Rio de Janeiro, and from there offers offers that include: Dubai, Tunisia, Spain and, finally, the land of kangaroos: Sydney , where he met Massimiliano Stamerra, the great champion of the world of the acrobatic pizza, and immediately a beautiful friendship was born. Speaking, he tells me that he has a restaurant in Italy, in Gallipoli, a great tourist destination, and he asks if I could be interested in the project in the United States. I go to Gallipoli and, finally, near my land, I work for the summer , and he always knows better my exotic and Mediterranean cuisine, and from there he finally proposes to embark on the adventure in Miami.

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